About Me - John Cunniff

I photograph New York City’s iconic architecture, urban scenes, and social interaction between people – with one photo capturing the golden hour (the hour before sunset) paired with a second of the blue hour (the hour after sunset). My goal is to photograph the moment during the golden hour when there is an ideal balance of light, shadow and color between the street scenes, building, clouds and luminosity of the sky. As well, I strive for the same ideal moment during the contrasting blue hour – when the light between the darkening blue sky balances with the lights of the city street scenes or reflections off of the water.

The NYC golden & blue hour photos offer a visually rich record of the rapidly changing light conditions around sunset and wonderful complementary colors (yellow and blue). Each pair is photographed on the same day from the same location.

The Impressionist painter Claude Monet painted a series of the stone facade of the Rouen Cathedral in the 1890’s in changing light conditions – and these were my inspiration for my golden and blue hour photos of NYC. I decided to take the same idea, and photograph my favorite places in New York City during the golden and blue hours.

When not out taking photographs, I manage investment portfolios at TIAA Investments (LinkedIn).

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